Supply Chain Solutions Network is a Supply Chain Management focused Consultancy which has built an excellent reputation for adding value to its clients by developing and implementing pragmatic and highly effective solutions to improve their business' supply chain performance.

For many businesses, improving Supply Chain Planning processes sits in the 'too difficult' box, as it involves getting the key core functions to truly align to deliver exceptional results. SCSN breaks the mould by using its previous experience of best in class to help its clients design pragmatic and workable processes which help transform their business. It then helps them to use the right behaviours and systems to make them all work to achieve the desired results.

The principal consultant - Richard Herbage - has had a successful career in both manufacturing and retail businesses (Unilever, Mars, B&Q, Geest (now Bakkavor), Premier Foods & Youngs Seafood) across a broad range of supply chains from brass knobs from Delhi; sandwiches from Spalding; and Branston pickle from Bury. This "been there / done that" experience brings a refreshing, value added, fast track and pragmatic approach to delivering excellence in supply chain performance.

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Office: 01832 272042